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Brush Clearing Douglasville - Land Clearing

brust removal and land clearing

One thing that we love about tree removal and tree dropping is the level of precision it requires to do it and to do it well. When we are working on dropping a tree, we feel like there is a level of artistry involved. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our ability to perform high-level technical rigging to ensure that a tree is brought down in the safest possible way. With brush clearing, precision goes out the door.

Sometimes, you just need a large area cleared to make way for that new pool or the home you want to build. And while we pride ourselves on the precision of tree removal, we certainly love the opportunity to come in and cut down as much as possible as quickly as possible. In the end, we are all boys at heart, and the opportunity to do brush clearing gets us in our tractors cutting through small trees and underbrush like a knife through butter. Call Tree Works Unlimited today for your free land clearing quote.

When we arrive to the job site, the very first thing we will do regardless of the job is assess the area for possible risks. When doing a big land clearing job, sometimes the temptation is there to just get the tractors going and getting those trees and brush down. However, it can be thick underbrush and lots of trees that hide some of the greatest dangers to tree service companies like Tree Works Unlimited. So, when we arrive, instead of hopping in and getting to work, we will walk the entire property and assess any potential hazards and make sure they are addressed before beginning. After this is complete, all of the workers will make sure to wear proper personal protective gear.

Once everyone is in safety gear and all threats are assessed, we will begin the clearing of the land. Through the use of chainsaws, tractors, backhoes, and whatever else the job calls for, we will quickly cut down and removal all brush on the land being cleared. We will get the brush cut low enough that a grading company can come in and effectively grade the property for whatever it is you are having done. We promise you will not find a more efficient, more professional tree service company to handle your brush clearing. All of our workers are thoroughly screened, and you will see that when we get to the job, we treat you like you are the only client in the world. Your land will be cleared and cleared well.