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Tree Removal – Far and away our most common service is tree removal. People need tree removal for a variety of reasons but more often than not it is to get a dangerous tree away from the home. Any tree near your house carries some degree of danger for a few reasons. With a lot of rain, even the strongest trees can be toppled over with a combination of a lot of water and heavy winds. Another thing that could make a tree dangerous is the prospect of ice. When there is icing, ice will accumulate on all of the branches of a tree. Branches are not designed to carry that much excess weight and many of them crack under that added weight.

All of this is to say that there are many reasons someone needs to have a tree removed. Tree Works Unlimited specializes in tree removal so make sure you call us for your free tree removal estimate. From the minute we get there, we will assess the situation. If the tree is dead, we will not be able to climb it to drop it so we will have to consider the alternative of felling it in an appropriate direction or using a bucket or lift to get to the top. Either way, we will ensure the tree is dropped in the safest, most efficient way.

If the tree is alive, our certified climbers will scale the tree and begin removing limbs one piece at a time. The reason for this is to reduce the possibility of having things rocket all over the place when the tree falls. The force of a tree falling can cause limbs and debris to dangerously fly all over the place when the tree hits the ground and we want to avoid this. Once all the limbs are removed, out climber will begin bringing the tree down one piece at a time. We will do this in a controlled manner for the safety of our other workers and because we don’t want there to be big dents and divots in your yard. A big part of what makes Tree Works Unlimited so special is that we take such great care of our customers’ yards.

Once the tree is felled, we will quickly clean up all of the limbs and wood from the site. It is our personal mission as a tree service company to make sure that your yard is cleaner than when we found it. We will use a tractor to remove all of the large pieces of wood then we will meticulously pick up all of the limbs, branches, and leaves and put them in our chipper. You will not be able to tell we were even there outside of the fact that the tree is gone. We promise you will be delighted with our work.

Again, don’t wait until a storm hits to get rid of that dangerous tree. Get it removed now. But, if you wait and end up needing emergency tree service, you can give us a call for that as well. We just don’t recommend it. Another reason to consider getting that tree removed is that having trees situated over your home can accelerate roof damage. Homes that have trees draped over them end up having their roofs get damaged quicker. All of the water running off the leaves and the branches brings sap with it and that ends up creating a bunch of problems. It also makes it easier for certain wildlife to get into your home because they can access your roof via trees. Don’t wait, call Tree Works Unlimited today to get those trees removed.